am interested in learning, it is a skill that I can use in here

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canada goose coats Was speaking whilst showcasing the work of graphic design being done within the jail rehabilitation programs including designs.Bali Nine member Si Yi Chen has told of his hopes for freedom. Picture: Lukman S. BintoroSource:Suppliedis exciting and fun, something different to do in here, a new skill to learn, so canada goose coats uk it is really good, Norman interested in learning, it is a skill that I can use in here and who knows, in the future, so I am excited to learn.Si Yi Chen said he too has hope of one day having his life sentenced commuted to 20 still a human being so I still need hope, canada goose ladies uk Chen said, adding the hope kept canada goose womens outlet him going each day.So too does the work he does on a silversmith program, designing and making silver jewellery.Norman and Chen are the only two members of the Bali Nine now held in Kerobokan jail canada goose coats.