approved by the commission

Definitely a win for campus,” Figueroa says. While Cultural and Recreational Affairs runs this operation, managing all sports activities on UCLA playing fields, the benefits are campus wide. Parking Services sees a spike in permits. “Disappointing,” said Chamber President Dobson, although the development was not a total surprise. “As we talked with our board members, we said candidly, someday, somebody might put a private equity group together that would be very formidable and that would be our challenge. We’re surprised it’s coming at this time, given the economy that it’s at, but we did know someday we would face this competition.”.

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This election video of the 2012 presidential debate between Obama and Romney has almost hit 6 million views on YouTube. From previous findings it could be argued that a huge percentage of these 6 million views have been by the younger members of the worlds population, and the information that Obama and Romney convey more than likely wouldn of reached the younger viewers if it wasn available via YouTube. Have you ever thought of looking at a party policies on YouTube? You should, its a great way to engage with the debate and learn more from what people are saying.

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Before kids roam the neighborhoods trick or treating this Halloween, adults will make their way through the bars of downtown Minneapolis. This Friday, ghosts, superheroes, and the minimally dressed will take to the streets, hitting up pubs, clubs, and restaurants for booze. They’ll find what they are looking for at First Avenue, the Gay 90’s, and Kieran’s, among others, as this crawl scores people specials ranging from $3 Stoli shots to $5 Summit beers to $10 pizzas.

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