Based on the Board history with Jazz and Jazz recent growth woes

Sign in / Join NowSummarySince introducing Fennec and Otonomy, Fennec more than tripled while Otonomy took a dive.Otonomy fall from $615M to $90M strongly suggests that Fennec shares are still very undervalued.Over the last six months, Fennec has uplisted iphone cases, raised $7.6M above market, and released positive Phase 3 data.Jazz acquisition of EUSA Pharma also suggests that Fennec remains undervalued.Based on the Board history with Jazz and Jazz recent growth woes, we still believe Fennec is an attractive acquisition for Jazz.Earlier this year, I published an article discussing two potential companies for acquisition by Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ). The two companies were Fennec Pharmaceuticals (FENC) and Otonomy (OTIC). Unfortunately, Otonomy experienced a catastrophic fall after its phase 3 clinical trial failed to reach any of its endpoints, sending its valuation from $615 Million to $100 Million nearly overnight.

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iPhone Cases sale When a range exists, there are only two good prices to buy: 1) at the bottom of the range, getting a good price and 2) on the breakout of the range, getting more certainty that the stock is moving in the right direction due to positive momentum. Currently, Nutrien shares are at the bottom of the existing range, supported by valuation and decent yield. I believe they present both a speculative buying opportunity and a reasonable entry level for a long term position at current prices.If you like my work, don’t forget to click on the big orange “Follow” button at the top of the screen and hit the “Like” button at the bottom of this article.Disclosure: I am/we are long NTR.I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. iPhone Cases sale

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