Det man kalder hje uddannelser er egentlig blot meget boglige

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Investment quality corporate bonds are usually the conservative choice for those wanting a higher fixed income than Treasuries offer and are willing to tolerate the higher risk. Junk bonds can be a good addition to a protfolio during times of a rising economy due to the fact that defaults are less likely. As with all bonds, both can have their returns reduced by inflation..

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Mske man kunne prve at udfase ideen om hjt vs lavtuddannede. Fremfor blot forskellige uddannelser. Det man kalder hje uddannelser er egentlig blot meget boglige uddannelser. Treatment. Monitoring must be fair and this means equal treatment for all participants. To ensure equal treatment in the overall monitoring work of the Group, Phase 3 evaluations should be conducted in a way that takes into account the lessons learnt during the Phase 2 evaluation process.

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