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“Just being on the field making mistakes is better than not practicing,” Cousins said. “I think that’s been the biggest help. To have plays where we go out there and we run routes and we talk about the coverage and what I need from him and what I want his route to look like,” Cousins said.

These headphones from Samsung are larger than most others out there, and are therefore best suited to people with larger heads. They are comfortable, though, with soft, faux leather cushioning. The noise isolation is strong in itself, and the active noise cancellation is impressive too, although still some way off the best in class, and it does decrease the sound quality ever so slightly when it’s turned on.

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The lawsuit says Faulkner never gave permission for Hasbro to use her name or likeness and that she even demanded in January that Hasbro stop using it. More than three weeks later, it was still for sale on Hasbro’s website, the lawsuit contends. It says that as of July, Faulkner’s name was still being used on a website to sell “Littlest Pet Shop” products, and the plastic hamster that bears her name can still be bought at other online retail stores..

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