He spends his days at OmniLink in comforting monotony

Drones: Brian is an office drone. He spends his days at OmniLink in comforting monotony facilitating the movement of product around the country cheap jordans cheap jordans0, faxing, copying, joking with his best friend, Clark cheap jordans, and harmlessly flirting with fellow cubicle mate, Amy. But how well does anyone really know the people they work with? When Brian discovers an improbable secret about his best friend, everything in his world changes, and his safe life of workplace detachment is no longer an option..

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Enter an A store today and you’re immediately aware “you’re not in Kansas anymore.” Each store is staffed by gorgeous “models” (aka sales associates). They are dimly lit and very loud (upbeat music is piped in at up to 90 decibels). The American teen apparel retailer is known for its controversial marketing (half nude teens) and socially incorrect faux pas (“It’s all Relative in West Virginia” t shirts that implied incestuous relationships).

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