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cheap jordans sale We’re a bunch of kids who just got together from other sports and decided we were going to have a hockey team. So we just go out there and do the best we can.”As encouraging as it was, the play of Fry was not enough to hold off the West Windsor offense forever. Just as he had in Nottingham’s 12 1 loss to West Windsor two weeks ago, it was Ronan Keenan who broke it open with four straight first period goals.Keenan’s four goal string was finally snapped cheap jordan wholesale shoes by Senan Shannon, who pumped in a goal on an assist from Siddharth Balaji just before the end of the first period to give West Windsor a 6 0 lead at the intermission.Shannon would go on to score three goals in the game, no small feat due to his missing almost half the game.”Before we got there, I left my glove at home,” Shannon explained. cheap jordans sale

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