Out of my friends only one other person knows how to cook

Awfully ironic.Let me do some super generalized math on how this would work. There are many factors hermes evelyne replica to consider so i just ballpark the hell out of them for the sake of not spending too long here.When it comes to the maximizing efficiency you need to consider the experience yielded per kill (obviously, what I was trying to figure out here before you starting rambling about how you leeched someone BR to get powerleveled as if that is the standard method to level), time it takes to kill, spawn density (because having to run for 1 second to the next kill or 5 seconds to the next kill drastically changes your xp/hr when you multiply those few seconds thousands of times, and respawn rate.What I may discover is that the xp is completely variable just like it is with missions and that it makes no sense. You could find a zone full of a unicorn magestical super experience monster that grants 100x more xp than the next highest unit, but if it takes longer to kill and you are waiting on respawns you might be losing efficiency.I feel as if I am getting further and further from the reason I came here in the first place and that all of this is completely lost on you.

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