Puerto Pollensa was originally a fishing village and lining the

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canada goose factory sale In just over canada goose outlet london uk two hours we landed on the Spanish isle, itching to start our holiday. Just 50 minutes later we in Pollensa in the north of the island, a very easy drive with our satnav.Like most families our day to day lives are busy, so we booked flights, car hire, villa and travel insurance online.We were not disappointed with the three bedroom villa canada goose number uk it was really spacious with a pool. A perfect way to spend some quality family time together.When we go anywhere new, we like does canada goose have black friday sales to explore the surroundings.After dropping our cases in the villa, we didn’t want to waste hours unpacking, so we drove 10 minutes into the small main town of Puerto Pollensa.On the way Amber spotted a couple of big supermarkets so we could stock up with necessities later.Puerto Pollensa was originally a fishing village and lining the marina are plenty of restaurants and bars. canada goose factory sale

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