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Das ist ungefhr das liberalste Ideal das man sich vorstellen kann.Was das Klischee des kommunistischen Informatikers angeht hngt das denke ich mal auch mit der Free/OpenSource Idee zusammen, software kostenlos an alle verteilen klingt halt fr uneingeweihte erstmal nach kommunistisch. Ich wrde fast behaupten dass nicht linke sich fr Informatik interessieren, sondern dass Informatiker im Laufe ihres Studiums sich eher nach links wenden.M4GNV5 2 points submitted 3 months agoWhat im missing with OSM is a good (browser based) navigation tool. Sure you can put in start and destination but thats it.

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iPhone Cases The thing that worked for me so far is to remember not to be afraid of fat. While I getting fat adapted, I allowing myself to indulge in what I consider treats bacon, heavy cream in my coffee, etc. I also make what keto ers call “fat bombs”. Are structured as pass through entities which has historically meant we had a tax disadvantage to most competing acquirers. This change in our tax rate lowers the hurdle rate, we apply to our acquisitions or tax resulting in more deals meeting our disciplined annual return on equity target of 15% to 20%.Looking forward, we are updating our 2018 earnings outlook $10.50 per share which John will also elaborate on in a few moments.In summary, we remained focus on delivering the annual double digit growth that we’ve accomplished for the last seven years. We see a stable operational environment, a massive amount of earnings upside available through improvement in our unseasoned stores and a more robust acquisition market.These factors coupled with the most liquidity in our history and sector leading low leverage, gives us confident that we can continue to drive significant top and bottom line improvement.With that, I’d like to turn the call over to John.I’d like to provide more detail on the results in the quarter. iPhone Cases

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iPhone x case My name is Luke Szymczak, Vice President of Investor Relations. With me today are Dan McCarthy, President and CEO, and Perley McBride, Executive Vice President and CFO.During this call, we will be making certain forward looking statements. Please review the cautionary language regarding forward looking statements found in our earnings press release and SEC filings iPhone x case.