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Until recently, there has been little increased spending on treatment to tackle the crisis. The LePage administration agreed last December to spend $2.4 million for medication assisted treatment for uninsured Mainers, many of whom lost insurance during cuts to MaineCare. And in February, the administration worked with lawmakers to add $4.8 million more for treatment into a supplemental budget..

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iphone x cases Facebook twitter google+ emailNew system from Shell and Paypal will allow drivers to pay for their fuel from their cars Motorists will be able to pay for their fuel using just their smartphone, thanks to a new system set up by Shell and PayPal.Set to be rolled out to an initial 1,000 Shell Drivers’ Club customers in April, the service is excpected to be offered across participating Shell garages for anyone using an Android or iOS compatible smartphone.The service will work through either the Shell Motorist App or Paypal App. Once the driver pulls up on to the forecourt they simply select the corresponding pump on the app. This then authenticates the payment and the user can simply fill up their car and drive off.Call for stricter regulation of car write offsOnce a customer has finished filling up their car, a receipt is automatically sent through to their phone so that they know that the payment was successful.The new scheme follows a successful trial in 2013 and there are plans to roll it out nationwide later in 2015. iphone x cases

iPhone Cases The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus are phones that will seem very familiar to you and that may appeal to some users, to most it won’t. They are not bad. The build quality is fantastic. The city council also allocated $25,000 to the Fire Department without any restrictions on how the money would be used.The fire chief, Scott Henson, is also a member of the City Council. The fire department returned the $25,000, but Ralls said he is not satisfied.”The good old boys’ club, if you will, has resisted me and has been screaming ‘foul’ every day since,” Ralls said.The mayor said the longtime fire chief is part of that club, though Henson denies that. Henson declined an on camera interview, but he told KCCI over the phone that the fire department has complied with all the recommendations from cheap iphone Cases the state auditor and that “every penny” spent by the department has been accounted for.But Ralls wants to see receipts for more Fire Department expenses and said Henson has refused.”He thinks I have a personal vendetta against him, which is not the case,” Ralls said.Ralls said the state auditor will begin subpoenaing Fire Department bank records, and residents said they just want to know the truth.”If the money is being spent for equipment on the Fire Department, that’s awesome,” Loyd said iPhone Cases.