Zewde was until recently, the UN Director General at its

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canada goose uk outlet Media portals in Ethiopia are canada goose decoys uk reporting that the country will get its first woman president after President Mulatu Teshome steps down on Thursday.The influential Addis Standard cited top government officials https://www.canadagooseoutleton.com as confirming that Ambassador Sahle Work Zewde, a top official with the United Nations, UN, was due to be Mulatu’s replacement.Zewde was until recently, the UN Director General at its offices in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. She is currently the Special representative of the UN Secretary General to cheap canada goose coat the African Union, AU.Sahle work has a rich ambassadorial track record having served as Ethiopian ambassador to several countries previously. Her resignation from the UN role this week is said to be to allow her take the new position of president.She is all set to be the first woman president of Ethiopia, but only after the joint session of the two legislative houses vote her to the role tomorrow. canada goose uk outlet

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